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Brown Bears in Wild Transylvania

Brown bears in Transilvania

Evening at BEAR HIDE                                                          Wildlife

admire Brown Bears in Wild Transylvania                 duration: ~3h



Brown bears in Transilvania
brown bear
  • admire the great large carnivore of Carpathians
  • observe wildlife in their natural habitat
  • get very close, but without any fence
  • chances to spot deer, wild boar, wolves or lynx


at 4:00pm or 5.00 pm – depending on the period of the year – actually depending on the sunset time – you will be advised on the exact starting time and availability after you have requested to book this trip

PRICE: 45€ / person – 

minimum 2 pax, photo tax included; for one person 65€/person

   or 35€/person  with your own vehicle (part of the access road is forest road on gravel)


Available daily from Monday to Saturday, on request and with confirmation – we confirm most of the requests 🙂 .

Sunday is hardly available, but, if it is your only day in town, let us know to do our best for you.


  • Services of a Forest Ranger to accompany you to the bear hide and back, also to protect you – the forest ranger might carry a gun for extreme situations;
  • Visit at the wildlife observation hide for a few hours before dark.
  • transport from town of Brasov to the wildlife observation hide and back. (you can also choose the option with your own transport)


between 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm   –   departure from Brasov, depending on time of the year & daylight

Itinerary Romanian Carpathians hosts ~60% (approx. 5,500 bears) of the Brown Bear population from Europe. We offer you the opportunity to see and admire the brown bears in their own habitat, from a specially designed observation hide deep in the Transylvanian forest.

The forest rangers will take you deep in the forest, on a gravel road, you will continue walking for a few hundred meters to the hide where you will wait quietly for wildlife. There are high chances (statistically more then 85% chances) to spot the Carpathian Brown Bear, sometimes a female with cobs, sometimes a larger male bear, but you can also spot the wildboar, roe deer and red dear, wolves, linx and even some game birds.

8:00 pm-10:00 pm  –  arrival in Brasov.

NOTE: we cannot guarantee 100% that you will be able to see any of the wildlife listed above. Do not forget the that wildlife have their own way of living, and we, humans, try to approach them as much as possible in their natural habitat. Taking part in this tour you agree that you do not claim any refund in case you will not spot any wildlife.



Chances to spot  wildife  at observation hides






chances to spot wildboar


small chances – beginning of the season

Good chances due to the mating season


Very high chances


Good chances – already wildberries in the forest




Very high chances

end October has smaller chances, when it is colder


good chances on warmer period in early November enter hibernation


to maximize the chances of spotting the wildlife, it is highly recommended that you dress up in simple non-bright colors, and you do NOT use any perfume. Do not bring food with you and listen to the forest ranger’s indications regarding the visit.


  • any meal;
  • gratuities or gifts;
  • for option with your own transport = Transport is with your own vehicle (part of access road is on offroad/gravel road; for one hide we also drive through a small river)

For more details, please contact us at: 


mobile: +40 723 370920
or:        +40 723 723255


Note: For the tour with your own Transportation – do select bellow from the drop down box the appropriate option.